SolidTunez Promotion Packages

Finding the right Music Promotion Packages online can be crucial to an artist or label. Here you can choose the best option suited for you or your band and increase your visibility in no time. Get heard by thousands of opt-in listeners who want to hear your music today.

Want to get your music placed on music blogs? Want to get in touch with decision makers in the industry? We can help

How does it work?

Your Promotion is spread across 10 Email blasts to the desired amount of recipients ( See music packages)
How long is delivery?
We start working in as soon 24-48 Hours and keep working for a FULL 30 Days, you’re always welcomed to check in at any time.

Our Promotion Campaigns

Email marketing is and has been the standard for industry professionals as well as independent marketing firms. Whenever you send out a newsletter or music campaign using our services you gain more attention as well as credibility every time. Gain Fans, Plays, Youtube Views and more with our top of the line music promotion packages.